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produkty Offer
  • point of sale materials
  • shelving for shops
  • display stands
  • exposition racks
  • furniture for stores
  • vacuum forming trays
  • dispenser units
  • hooks
  • grids
  • pegboards
  • space wall panels
  • dump bins, baskets
  • promotional boards
  • label holders, price holders
  • and many others


materialy Offer
  • wire
  • tubes
  • steel sheets
  • natural wood
  • plywood
  • MDF
  • laminated chipboards
  • acrylic, PMMA
  • PCV
  • PS, HIPS
  • PTG

Technological possibilities

wykrawanie 2 Offer
  • cutting (CNC, laser)
  • punching
  • bending
  • welding
  • powder coating
  • plating
  • vacuum forming
  • digital UV printing
  • screen printing


POSM for watches Offer

We present selected realizations in the field of POSM (point of sale materials) for watches. Extensive experience will allow us to offer a wide range of materials that can be stylistically adapted to the design of your products. We have a display unit made of exotic wood with metal legs, exhibition stands “cubes” from old, 100 years old natural wood, display cabinets from plexiglass, advertising stands from architectural concrete and jewelry displays from high-gloss painted MDF.

wooden display stand Offer

Plywood counter stand, a very popular form today for the presentation of all BIO and ECO products. CNC milling and UV direct printing allow you to create interesting and attractive forms of advertising.

shelving with LED light Offer

Our specialty: multi-material display stand with LED backlight. Great shows the range of our production capabilities. Materials used: metal, plexiglass, polycarbonate, UV digit printing, stickers, and LED backlight.

plexi counter display Offer

Counter display unit with plexiglass. The simple design makes it economical to manufacture. Full-color CMYK print completes the design and provides excellent visual communication for the customer

ADVERTISING STANDS, EXPOSURES, DISPLAY UNITS, SHOP EQUIPMENT and many other POS materials, also called POSM - you will get in FORM Creations!

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